House Lemaine

House Lemaine was once a line of Kings, ruling Keth wisely for centuries. For reasons that many upward grasping nobles can not wrap their minds around, 49 years ago King Lional the Benevolent chose to dissolve his kingdom rather than bring civil war to his people, forming House Gale and gifting a large portion of land to House Eversea in the process. Three generations have since passed, and the Lemaines have turned from politics to the preservation of knowledge. Their greatest treasure, the Library of the Ancients, is carefully tended from within their small parcel of remaining land. It is said that a Lemaine marries only for love.

House Colors: Black and Gold
House Symbol: The Squirrel
House Motto: Know Thyself

Capital City: King’s March

Minor Noble Houses Pledged to This Banner:
Abernathy, Dames, Kinsey, Reinhart

none – Lemaine has declared themselves a Neutral House


Members of House Lemaine

The Lord Benric Lemaine (m, 48)
The Lady Nadya Lemaine (f, 39) (formerly commoner from Dorvain)
>>>>> No Heirs <<<<<

His Parents
The Lord Torvo Lemaine (m, 68) (formerly commoner from Dorvain)(deceased, rumored to be of a broken heart)
The Lady Cyndia Lemaine (f, 49) (deceased, died of an ill vapor)

His Brothers and Sisters — In Order of Birth
*males in line for The Lordship, until an heir is born

Balkus Lemaine (m, 46)
Boers Lemaine (m, 44)
Beryl Lemaine (f, 22) (deceased, died in childbirth)
Brutus Lemaine (m, 25) (deceased, died hunting boar in Belingard)
Bevra Lemaine (f, 37)
Bryan Lemaine (m, 18) (deceased, died of an ill vapor)
Bowen Lemaine (m, 32)
Banic Lemaine (disinherited) (m, 30)
Breita Lemaine (f, 28)
Blanca Lemaine (f, 22)

House Lemaine

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