House Eversea

House Eversea, easily the largest and most powerful of the Nine Houses, controls a large section of the eastern coastline, and almost all trade with foreign nations. Known for their finely crafted vessels, Eversea also boasts the finest sailors in Keth. Their open markets contain many items that are unable to be found anywhere else, shipped across the sea from exotic locations to their capital city of Highshore, the largest city the continent has ever known.

House Colors: Navy Blue and Aqua
House Symbol: The Dolphin
House Motto: By Favorable Winds

Capital City: Highshore

Minor Noble Houses Pledged to This Banner:
Ahrens, Brinkely, Cliffwatch, Davis, Eaton, Morton, Scheele, Tillage



Members of House Eversea

Chancellor Ven Brinkely

The Lord Cristoval Eversea (m, 26)
The Lady Amalia Eversea (f, 20) (formerly Ambrisse)

Their Children — Gerard (m, 6), Theoval (m, 5), Marina (f, 3), Althea (f, 2), Isaias (m, infant)

House Eversea

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