House Kael

In the history of Keth there has never been a ruling seat with more ambition than that of House Kael. Though their territory is small in comparison to many of the greater houses, it has been considerably expanded since power was granted to the first Lord Kael, by threat of war, and by act of war. Originally a tiny fortress that overlooked a prison, the holdings have been expanding outward from the northern mountains as the house grasps for more substantive lands that will aid them in supporting a greater population. Known for their cunning, ruthlessness, and greed, the house is almost universally disliked. A shaky alliance has been formed with Belingard through the marriage of their Lord’s only daughter, which put an end to a longstanding war between the two houses.

House Colors: Forrest Green and Black
House Symbol: The Hawk
House Motto: Soar Higher

Capital City: Fort Ironkeep

Minor Noble Houses Pledged to This Banner:
Draven, Gwin, Karl, Madson, Slemin



Members of House Kael

The Lord Reginald Kael (m, 57)
The Lady Doertha Kael (f, 59) (formerly Belingard)

Their children, Analisse (f, 30), Jerrold (m, 29), Hobert (m, 16)

House Kael

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